www.Sun-Smart.eu... Leaders in skin protection "Setting the standards for others to fellow"Distributors required world wide... For more information contact us directly on 01603 667723, international +44 (0)1603 667723 The income opportunities for hotels and resorts. "This will take sun protection to the next level for vacationers on the European coast and worldwide, The Sun-Smart Booth replaces the bulky cans, messy tubes, and missed spots associated with traditional sunscreens with a 15 second, silent spray of Medium or High SPF sunscreens.
Why Climb The Mountain, When You Could Start At The Top with the new cutting edge in SPF sunscreen technology sun protection...

One of the fastest growing bussiness opportunity to hit the skin protection industry..


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There is nothing else like this in the industry


Resorts across Europe are likely to witness the arrival of new sunscreen dispensing technology aimed at enhancing sun protection for holidaymakers

Poolside or beachside areas that currently generate little or no revenue.

Forward thinking resorts are adopting innovative products and strategies to protect guests, reduce environmental impact, and create exciting new experiences. Sun-Smart Booth, is one example of how smart hoteliers are quickly adapting to restrictive airline regulations, higher guest expectations and the imperative to protect those in their care.

Come see why this company had to expand internationally and has not even reached 5% of their market share in Europe.  This is the opportunity!

As an Sun-Smart® Master Distributor you will make Substantial Profits on the sale of our SPF Spray booth and sub-distributorships, as well as GUARANTEED recurring income on the sales of SPF solutions.Give your guests the cutting edge in SPF sunscreen technology

The Sun-Smart® Spray booths is the perfect complement to the outdoor environments at

  • Hotels
  • cruise liners
  • Resorts
  • Luxury Communities
  • Marinas
  • Water Parks
  • Special Events
  • Multi-family properties with pool
  • Naturist Resorts
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • Theme Parks
  • Football Clubs

"Sun care dispensing booths the hottest new poolside to hit Europe"

For beach side and pool side

cruise liners environments these all weather spray booths are available in, the SPB booth that sprays a water resistant 15 SPF/30 SPF Sunscreen which offers the customer a 15 or 30 SPF. All the high quality used in the booths are specially formulated to be moisturizing, gentle on the skin, none greasy and fabric safe.

"What excites many of the resorts and water parks that we have talked to is the fact that these units can be set up to take euros, or the free magnetic strip cards used on cruise ships and some resorts. They also appreciate the fact that these units have a rinse down cycle after each session and are fully self service, no attendant is required," explained Edward Hills. "The transparent wall and no slip flooring create a safe none claustrophobic environment for the customer. Simple instructions and one button operation makes the unit easy for anyone to use.


The “Outdoor room” is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle trends as more and more homeowners are looking to expand the comforts of home outside. As such, today’s patios are becoming more of an extension of the home than ever before.Read more









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